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Dr. Abhilash from India together with Gabriela Binello from Argentina

Ayurvedic Consultations Online 

These consultations  aim to provide relevant information to promote a physical, mental and spiritual balance in the consultants. Among the proposals, change of habits (dietary and life), use of home remedies and recommendations for cleansing (detoxification) and regeneration are suggested.

Dr. Abhilash lives, teaches and practices the most traditional Āyurveda. He handles these consultations with a very clear and simple language and great warmth. He has great abilities of observation and encounters with him serve as inspiration to carry out the changes in habits.

Gabriela translates from English to Spanish or Portuguese and also translates and helps interpret a lot of technical information that comes from these queries. From the implementation of routines to the replacements of the spices or herbs indicated by Dr. Abhilash, as well as replenishing the cultural and idiosyncratic differences that exist between East and West.

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