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Personal Practice Design
Teacher Training II

The Personal Practice Design It is the second instance of our Yoga Teacher Training.

The first cycle prepares you to give group classes. And this second one is an optional instance for those who want to continue training and be prepared for designing personal (non-therapeutic) yoga practices.


- Theory and development of the design of a Personal Yoga Practice (non-therapeutic).

- Introduction to the consulting and mentoring work mode.

- Initiation to the theory and practice of Mantra-s and Meditation. Planning of practical group meditation and mantra-s classes.

- Observation. The subtle look of yoga.

Outside of the course, 100 hours of practical experience in design, supervision, planning, monitoring and recording of personal yoga practice will be required (to be completed in one year).

This training is based on real practical cases that we will see in class. To have a closer idea of the contents, we suggest reading chapter 10 (Personal Yoga Practice) of the book.“Yoga Personalizado. Inspirado en T. Krishnamacharya”by Gabriela Binello.


Course modality

There are 4 online-synchronous meetings and 4 residential meetings. All meetings on Saturday.

Headquarters at our school in Manuel Ugarte 2732-CABA



- Having completed the Personalized Yoga Teacher Training and/or being a teacher at one of the schools that follow the line of the Krishnamacharya Tradition.

- Comply with regular practice daily basis


Headquarters and Registration

Registrations are made effective with the deposit of the first installment (transfer data, consult by email to

We work with very small groups to be able to genuinely apply one-on-one so places are limited.



An accreditation as a Personalized Yoga Instructor® qualified for Non-Therapeutic Personal Practice Design will be granted.
Our central school, Proyectomadre, is a member of the IAYT-US and our Therapeutic Yoga Program is the first internationally certified program in America.
rica Latina by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Team of Teachers

The countsGiven, the program and the supervision of theoretical-practical classes, practice designs and mentoring supervision will be in charge of Gabriela Binello. 


Reports and


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