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This is Us

Gabriela Binello and Cecilia Lagomarsino are founders of Proyectomadre.

Gabriela is the Director of the school and is in charge of the teaching content of all training instances and the area of Vedic Chanting. Cecilia directs the team of teachers and is in charge of various subjects of the Yoga Teacher Training (initial cycle).



Each proposal we make is supported by and from our own practice. This is precisely why we call it a "project". Because that evolution has no end. 

In turn, our school is "mother" because it permeates everything around it; it nourishes anything that comes close to it.


A clear and very simple concept that runs through all formations and teachings shows us the way: care. Care in terms of "non-violence" (avoid by all means that the student gets hurt) and Care in devoting attention, time, energy and focus to understand the mind-body-spirit complexity of that human being. 

There is no technique or tool or knowledge, no matter how precise or original, that surpasses the effect of a vibration of genuine attention.


There is no force more powerful than the care that is born from a vocation of real service.

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