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Āyurveda is the Science of Life and is the Traditional Medicine of India. Its origin dates back almost five thousand years old.

Both Yoga and Āyurveda share a holistic conception of the human being and  of what is considered "health" or "disease". Yoga Cikitsā or Yoga Therapy and Āyurveda have a positive impact on people's health and quality of life, through non-invasive methods and tools such as: changing habits, cleansing routines and strengthening the body and the mind, use of native herbs and spices, spiritual connection.

You can implement Āyurveda into your life through these 3 options:

  1. Ayurvedic consultations

  2. Ayurvedic Manual Treatments 

  3. Training in Therapeutic Yoga 

From South India

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Online consultations with Dr. Abhilash

These consultations will give you information about your "nature" (Doṣa) and you will discover what foods and what habits of life are the most appropriate for you. Along with those positive changes, you will feel more energy and motivation in your life.

residential in CABA

Manual Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments are, together with changes in diet and habits, one of the central aspects to balance your health and expand your vitality and joy of living.

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traditional Āyurveda 

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Yoga Therapy Program

The Yoga TherapyTraining Program has two central axes:

  1. ​Theory and Practical Application of Therapeutic Yoga

  2. Ayurveda

To access the Program you have to carry out the previous instances of Teacher Training.

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