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All our classes seek to strengthen the one-to-one bond (teacher-student). That is why, either through group classes or  individual, the teacher will adjust the yoga tools for the benefit of each student, according to their age, health, interests, needs, style of life, habits, physical and energetic availability, just as he/she arrives in class.

We propose 3 ways of connecting with the practices: group classes, personal practice and Vedic chanting.

  1. Yoga Personalizado-Regular Group Classes​

  2. Personal Yoga Practice (individual routine design)

  3.  Vedic Chanting (mantras and use of special sounds)

regular group classes

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Yoga Personalizado

Regular Group Classes where we work on postures, sequences, breaths, sound, visualizations and/or other tools that help us to achieve certain focuses. These bring us positive qualities (eg lightness, vitality, relaxation) that seek to improve our quality of life and enhance our resources.

individual consultations

Personal Yoga Practice

We design a personalized routine for you so that you can focus on achieving a specific objective: among others, improving your connection with the body, developing your creativity, balancing your emotions and/or sleeping better.

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Individual or group

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vedic chanting

Yoga is focus. It's getting to know yourself better. It is allowing prāṇa to flow freely through our body-mind. It is promoting an intimate connection with a silent space that does not suffer. It is to keep alive  "the fire" of the spirit.

These chants (mantras), thanks to their sound vibration, are a very powerful tool to experience the deepest effects of yoga.

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