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Yoga Therapy Training

The Yoga Therapy Program is the third and last instance of teacher training of our school. As a prerequisite, you need to be a yoga teacher already

This training prepares you to design one-to-one yoga therapy practices to all kind of people and also to design therapeutic classes for specific groups.

The postgraduate course is the heart of our school and, as such, we take care of it, nurture it, and open it with students who are ready for this commitment.

General outline of the Study Plan

*760 hours of study in 5 modules (online and residential). 100% synchronic online options only for those who live outside of Argentina and with scheduled residential meetings.

*150 hours of Practicum (100 hours of individual practice application + 50 hours of group therapeutic yoga application) at the end of the 5th. module

*30 hours of mentoring for your own personal practice

*60 hours of elective seminars, practical work and homework between modules 

Total number of hours: 1000hs.


The central axes of content of the Program revolve around the Fundamentals and Application of Yoga Therapy (based on the traditional teachings of Yoga Cikitsā, as taught in India) and Āyurveda medicine (by Dr. Abhilash from the south of India).

Program Direction
The program is directed by Gabriela Binello and teachers with extensive experience in the field of Cikitsā Yoga Application and Āyurveda (India).


Pre-requisites for registration:
*Be over 21 years of age and have a clear vocation for service.
*Being a Yoga Personalizado teacher or from a school related to the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya. Exceptions will be taken into account within a framework of equivalences to be established in each case.

* Commitment to follow the personal practice of yoga.

*Understanding that the role of yoga-therapist implies cultivating a vocation for service, beyond personal development.
*Understanding of basic social skills of empathy, solidarity, camaraderie and teamwork.
*Understanding the Spanish language (being able to communicate in any of these languages: Spanish, English, Italian or Portuguese).



 The quotas are very small to ensure in-depth training and live up to what we promote: personalized teaching-learning processes.


Application and registration closure

a) Applicants who require information should write to and send basic information related to your training and experience in yoga.

b)Just by receiving those responses on behalf of the applicant, Proyectomadre will send a handout with detailed information about the program  where the registration form is included.

c) The applicant will complete the registration form and await the response.

d)  If it is positive, the next step will be to arrange an interview, when appropriate. The pre-selected students will be informed and their confirmation of participation in the program is only made effective with the registration payment (see payment schedule). In some cases they will be suggested to start with personal practices and mentoring.

Registrations for the new cohort have closed in March 2023.

If you are interested in our Postgraduate course, we suggest you stay tuned to our social networks to find out in time about the new call for registrations.

If you are a teacher from another school or you still do not have training as a teacher, we suggest that you evaluate starting based on our training, which is the  Yoga Teacher Training


If you want to know more about this training, contact us and describe how we can help you

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