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Yoga Therapy
Integral Teacher Training

 Comprehensive Training in Yoga Therapy consists of 3 stages:

  1. One-to-one teacher Training

  2. Personal Yoga Practice Design Teacher Training

  3. Postgraduate in Yoga Therapy

The first two instances of training are the basis for those seeking to study the Postgraduate Course in Yoga Therapy with international certification.

Our academic plan has, from the beginning a progression and planning accordingly. All teachings are entwined from gross to subtle; displaying a simple, clear and very deep language, at the same time. We do not seek to promote accumulation of contents. We seek to speak a new language that turns future teachers into catalysts for change and healing.

first cycle


Teacher Training I

One year and a half with monthly meetings and weekly practical classes   (online and residential options), which train you to give Yoga Personalizado group classes.

second cycle

Yoga Personal Practice Design

8 modules (online and residential) to learn a  to design yoga practices (non-therapeutic).  It is pre-requisite to have the first cycle of the Yoga Teacher Training.


Postgraduate training

PM 1.jpg

Yoga Therapy Program

1000 total hours (between class modules, lectures,  practices, Practicum exercise and mentoring).  Residential and online modules in Argentina and India. 

Program with international certification from the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) that allows you to work in countries where the practice of yoga therapy is regulated.

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