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What is it?

A personal yoga practice  is a routine specially designed for each student, with one or more specific goals; adjusted so that the student can perform it daily at home.

They are tailored to the needs and objective of the student, taking into account their state of health, their possibilities of space and time (number of minutes that can be dedicated to the practice, time of the day, physical space, etc.) as well as other particularities of their activity and environment.

Three initial consultations

The first 3 meetings are made throughout the first month. Then, they become monthly or more sporadic depending on the student and their process.


Practicing 20 minutes every day transforms you

The regularity of the practice is what builds the habits that allow true transformation

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simple and deep

You learn to recognize the good habits to strengthen and give them more and more place in your life. 


Más Info sobre Práctica Personal 

Gracias por contactarnos

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