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Have you ever wondered how your vitality behaves? By
what two people can be so different in their motivation
To do the things? Have you ever been curious about
understand the experiences of synchronicity between two events or
people, apparently isolated?
According to the author, the answers to these questions lie in the
ability to speak the language of prāṇa. Prāṇa is a word in
Sanskrit meaning vital energy. It is “that which allows life”.
Traditionally, prāṇa management techniques are known
as prānāyama and are associated with breathing exercises.
This book goes further and challenges us by asking ourselves about our
relation to “the vital fuel”. It describes prāṇa as
encoded information that in most cases we pass
for high. It encourages us to learn to recognize it as soon as possible.
and understand it, the better our perception of reality and its
impact on our quality of life.
Far from being a "treatise on breathing", the book shares
experiences linked to the expression of vital energy and its
different manifestations in our daily life. By way of
simple and with an intimate style, it reveals the rules
invisibles of nature and the circulation of prāṇa through 6
short stories. Each story introduces us to the basic vocabulary
to speak the language of prāṇa. That is, when reading them we will have the
possibility of experiencing fluidity, lightness, motivation, clarity,
confidence, detachment and spontaneity.



Format: 14 x 21.5 cm.
Number of pages: 140 pgs.

Colours: Cover sheet > 4/2 (YK – without special colours)
Interior > 4/4 (CMYK – no special colors)
Paper: Covers > Illustration Silk 350 grs. (CTP + varnished + matt polypropylene laminate, only on the outside)
Interior > Chambril (BR) 120 grs.


The Prana Language

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